Bali Hi RV Park Rentals

Rules & Regulations


Park Regulations

  1. RV's, RV Park Trailers, and Cabins capable of connection to individual campsite sewer, water and electrical hookups are allowed.  Tents are not permitted.
  2. Minimum rental period is one week.
  3. No loud noise.
  4. Motorcycles are permitted, but cannot cruise the park.  Access to and from owners sites only.
  5. Two pets are permitted on leashes.
  6. Boat storage available 1 mile from Bali Hi Park at $125.00 for six months "in and out storage" during summer season.
  7. Seasonal units may remain in the Park during the closed months; at the Unit Owner's risk, with permission of the Site Owner, and in compliance with safety and security requirements.
  8. Trees, shrubs, and flowers can be planted with prior approval of the Site Owner and Park Manager.
  9. Sheds measuring 8'X10' are permitted with Site Owner and Park Manager approval.
  10. Decking, screened porches, steps, awnings and skirting are permitted if within conformance to the Worcester County Zoning Ordinance, and with prior approval by the Site Owner and Park Manager.
  11. Umbrella-type clotheslines only are permitted and shall be kept closed when not in use.  Prior approval of placement from the Park Manager is required due to the possibility of damaging underground utilities.
  12. Garbage is to be placed in plastic bags and disposed of in the garbage dumpster for pickup by the Park service.
  13. The use of fireworks, firearms, BB guns, air rifles, bow and arrows, slingshots or other weapons or dangerous devices is prohibited within the Park.
  14. No loud, vulgar or profane language will be permitted.
  15. levels are to be reduced after 10:00PM for the benefit of all owners and their guests.

A complete list of the Rules and Regulations is located in the management office located at the entrance to the Campground.

Site Rental Regulations

  1. Sites are to be rented at least two weeks in advance.
  2. Site Owners are to notify the Park Manager at least two weeks in advance of the Renter's arrival.
  3. The Renter will be issued a Renter's pass upon arrival and is required to display it in your vehicle in a manner that is clearly visible.
  4. The Park Management office is open from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.  Please plan to arrive during these times.  Arrival outside the office hours must be made with prior approval of the Park Manager.  The phone number for the Bali Hi Park Management Office is: 410-352-3140.
  5. No rentals shall be permitted for a period of less than seven days unless the guest is a family member and prior approval is obtained from the Park Manager.
  6. Any Renter shall be considered a guest of the Park, and any violation of any rule by a Renter, after notice, may lead to the Renter being expelled from the Park by the Site Owner and/or Park Manager.

Pet Regulations

No more than two pets shall be allowed or permitted per renter per site, subject to the following conditions:

  1. The pet is not allowed to run loose at any time.
  2. The pet is never chained outside the unit on any site, and never kept in an outside kennel.
  3. The pet is only outside while on a leash attended by the owner.
  4. The pet is curbed only on the site rented.
  5. The pet has all current vaccinations.
  6. The Site Owner or Park Manager may require the removal of any pet that is determined to be a nuisance or disturbance to other guests in the campground.

Swimming Pool

  1. The swimming pool is for the private use of the Bali Hi tenants and guests.
  2. The swimming pool opens on Memorial Day and closes by Sept. 15th.
  3. Hours of operation are 10:00AM to 8:00PM, seven days a week, or as posted from time to time, weather permitting.
  4. There will be no lifeguard attending the pool; THEREFORE, USE OF THE SWIMMING POOL IS AT YOUR OWN RISK.
  5. As a safety measure, the swimming pool shall not be used unless there is more than one person present.
  6. An adult must supervise children under the age of sixteen at all times.
  7. Additional rules and regulations relative to the use of the swimming pool shall be posted at the entrance to the swimming pool area from time to time.