Bali Hi RV Park Rentals

About Us


Bali Hi is a Co-operative Ownership Association where each site is owned individually.  This unique co-op allows Bali Hi to be one of the friendliest and most beautiful campgrounds around Ocean City, Maryland.  At 4 miles from Ocean City, Bali Hi is located just 6 minutes from the beaches and next to Lighthouse Sound, a premier golf course.  Whether you prefer sun or shade, Bali Hi has a wonderful campsite waiting for you!

Some owners have elected to provide their campsite for rent and have listed them here for you to see.  All you need do is look over the list of rentals, and selected the campsite that is just right for you.  Then contact that site's owner and arrange your next vacation, or even a summer of bliss, near the ocean!

Bali Hi Park, Inc.
12342 St. Martin Neck Road
Bishopville, MD 21813